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Lemma 7.1 Convergent/Divergent sums

Lemma 7.2 Comparison test for series

Corollary 7.3 Root Test

Corollary 7.4 Ratio Test

Theorem 7.5 Convergent/Divergent series

Theorem 7.6 Convergent/Divergent power series

Proposition 7.7 Cauchy product formula

Corollary 7.8 Application of the Cauchy product formula

Theorem 7.9 Convergent power series

Corollary 7.10 Power series continuous within disks of convergence

Corollary 7.11 Complex derivatives

Lemma 7.12 More convergent power series

Theorem 7.13 Derivative of ex

Corollary 7.14 Derivative of log(x)

Corollary 7.15 Derivative of ax

Corollary 7.16 Derivative of xr

Lemma 7.17 sin(z) has a positive real root

Theorem 7.18 pi is the smallest positive real root of sin(x)

Lemma 7.19 Closed additive subgroups of R

Proposition 7.20 The map of eix is a bijection

Corollary 7.21 Every non-zero complex number can be expressed in the form re(i\theta)

Proposition 7.22 Taylor Series

Corollary 7.23 Equality of sums

Proposition 7.24 Definition of xa

Theorem 7.25 Definition of fk

Corollary 7.26 Bounds of derivatives

Proposition 7.27 log(x) is equal to its Taylor Series

Proposition 7.28 The number e is irrational

Proposition 7.29 The number pi is between 2.6 and 3.4

Proposition 7.30 Rearrangements of conditionally convergent series

Proposition 7.31 Rearrangements of absolutely convergent series

Proposition 7.32 Convergence of double series